Hi there!

Some news for anyone interested:

I'm currently working on an album with my studio project TALAMBO. It is an ambitious effort to combine jazz, progressive rock, electronic music, funk and many other styles to form a hearty stew of sounds. I have composed, arranged, recorded, produced and mixed everything by myself. I have also played many of the tracks with my first love, the electric bass, as well as another dangerous tool for a bassist to step in to the ego-stroking soloist spotlight – the piccolo bass. I have also done loads of programming with a shameless more-is-more phisolophy.

I'm incredibly lucky to have some of the most brilliant musicians Finland can offer as friends and they have been en essential part of this upcoming album. Drummer Tuomas Timonen is heavily featured in this music as he laid down the drum tracks on all of the tracks. Saxophonists Jussi Kannaste and Joakim Berghäll provide brilliant solos and melodies. Organist Antti Kujanpää solos on and colors few of the tracks with absolute gusto. And finally a particularly lush wall of guitar on one track has been created by Iceland's precious gift to the Finnish music scene, Mr. Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson.

I'm very excited to announce that these great musicians are the basis of my new live band that will bring this music to a stage near you in 2020. Stay tuned for more news!